A Trilogy of Films About Hackney Marshes

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LOCATION: Hackney WORDS & FILMS: Josh Alexander & David Kelly-Mancaux (Erkembode) This trilogy documents the Lea Marshes and what ensues… Breathe Wizard Breathe is a swirl of marsh dwellers (leafy mummers, car parks, tree spirits, pylons, goalposts) but ultimately a singular, omnipresent, character. A

Druids Temple – Ilton, Yorkshire

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LOCATION: Yorkshire FILM: Tony Todd A short film tour of what appears to be an ancient monument but is, in fact, a folly built in 1820 by wealthy landowner Willian Danby. Check out the full story here. For further updates, you

Digbeth – A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

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LOCATION: Birmingham FILM: Andy Howlett A film about typography and ghost signs on the streets of Digbeth… Digbeth – A Hundred Thousand Welcomes from Deadly Serious Productions on Vimeo. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andy walks around Birmingham and The Black Country

A Weird Trip to Rye Harbour

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WORDS: Gareth E. Rees & Gary Budden FILM: S J Fowler, recorded at #Camaradfest October 25th 2014, Rich Mix arts centre, Shoreditch A live performance of Rye’s Valhalla, in which Rees and Budden become disorientated on the Sussex coast. &nbsp

The Wiccan Circle

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MUSIC: Concretism FILM: The Kill Shop WORDS: Gareth E. Rees Here’s some music from the ever-excellent Concretism. Chris Sharp’s world is  a sonic exploration of a rabies-blighted parallel past, frazzled by microwaves, where people in carefully-planned towns live in perpetual fear of

London on the Brink: The Demented DIY Films of Martin Fuller


LOCATION: London, Newhaven, wherever this man takes his phone. WORDS: Gareth E. Rees Martin Fuller is a fisherman who also makes films about his meandering walks and bike rides through East London’s hinterlands – from the marshes and the Olympic

How We Used to Live

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LOCATION: London DOCUMENTARY: How We Used to Live [2013, Dir. Paul Kelly] WORDS: Gareth E. Rees “Whenever you go down the roads in Britain, you travel not in three dimensions but four. The fourth dimension is the past. And as

Jesse Hector and The Hammersmith Gorillas

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LOCATION: London DOCUMENTARY: A Message to the World [dir. Caroline Catz] WORDS: Gareth E. Rees This is a fine slice of unofficial rock history, helping quash any notions that somehow the Sex Pistols and the Damned were created by some

The Outer Church Goes Coastal

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LOCATIONS: Southend-On-Sea, Ramsgate, Brighton WORDS: Gareth E. Rees I’m honoured to have been invited to read aloud some new pieces on the forthcoming Outer Church tour. The three night run includes gigs in Ramsgate, Southern-On-Sea and Brighton. Appropriately the tour is called

The Humanoid Landscape – Whitstable and the gog/magog labyrinth

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LOCATION: Whitstable WORDS: Gary Budden  ‘An old lady up the street told me there was a dead giant laying in the forest’ The oddest entry I’ve come across in the nebulous genre of landscape writing/psychogeography/white blokes walking around taking notes,