158Unofficial Britain is a celebration of the uncelebrated.

A champion of the overlooked.

A history of the forgotten.

Welcome to Unofficial Britain, a hub for unusual perspectives on the landscape of the British Isles, exploring the urban, the rural and those spaces in between.

Tarry here a while and you’ll discover urban legends, arcane practices, alternative histories, re-imagined pasts, lost states, abandoned trails, unexplored nooks, cryptozoological beasts, haunting soundscapes, unreliable narrators, hallucinatory visions, analogue trips, contrary accounts and aimless wanders.

This site is the brainspawn of Gareth E. Rees, author of Marshland: Dreams & Nightmares on the Edge of London, formerly a blogger at The Marshman Chronicles, now broadcasting weird missives from the coastline of East Sussex.

Stories, art, music and film submissions welcome. Please contact gareth@unofficialbritain.com

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  1. John Bowtell

    Is How We Used To Live available to purchase?

    Thanks for your time.


    • admin

      Hi John. I watched it in the cinema during the summer – I don’t believe there’s a DVD release yet. Might be worth checking the BFI website or Amazon every now and then.

      Best wishes, Gareth.

  2. This looks great, Gareth. I love that you’re doing this. You moved out of Hackney. Hope where you are now is good hunting ground.

  3. Great website Gareth..I’ve just left you an e mail too..I’m very excited by what I see here..we have very similar interests..keep up the good work.



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  5. Bob Jones

    The answer to these mysteries is easily answered once you’ve watched a Youtube Channel called RebelWithoutaCause.

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