Memory, History and Time in 21st Century British Psychogeography

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LOCATION: Britain WORDS: Tina Richardson In September 2015 Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography will be released by Rowman and Littlefield International. Edited by myself, contributions are from academics and researchers, and those working in the area of urban walking.

Kemper Norton’s Loor & the Thing that Is Coming Up My Stairs

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WORDS: Gareth E. Rees  LOCATION: Cornwall, Sussex, Wales, Unnamed Cities Night time. I’m at my computer, listening to Kemper Norton’s new album, Loor. Loor is Cornish for moon. There’s no moon on the coast of East Sussex tonight. Not from my window,

The Death of a Fish in Hackney’s Abandoned Filter Beds

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LOCATION: London WORDS: Gareth E. Rees. In which I discover evidence of mythical battles in the abandoned Victorian filter beds by Hackney Marsh…. Extracted From Marshland: Dreams & Nightmares on the Edge of London (Influx Press, 2013). [“Layered London, black, funny, marshy,

How We Used to Live

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LOCATION: London DOCUMENTARY: How We Used to Live [2013, Dir. Paul Kelly] WORDS: Gareth E. Rees “Whenever you go down the roads in Britain, you travel not in three dimensions but four. The fourth dimension is the past. And as

The Transhistorical Folk Landscapes of Lutine

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MUSIC: Lutine ~ White Flowers ~ a new album of haunting minmalist folk by Brighton-based duo, Heather Minor and Emma Morton, available to pre-order here LABEL: Front and Follow WORDS: Gareth E. Rees The debut album by Lutine emerges, shimmering, through a rift

The Humanoid Landscape – Whitstable and the gog/magog labyrinth

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LOCATION: Whitstable WORDS: Gary Budden  ‘An old lady up the street told me there was a dead giant laying in the forest’ The oddest entry I’ve come across in the nebulous genre of landscape writing/psychogeography/white blokes walking around taking notes,

Folklorists and Antiquarians

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Landscape artist Maxim Griffin, as featured in this very wobbly Unofficial Britain profile, has made some postcards for The Travin Press, with an accompanying notebook of prose by Charles Swain. The publishers describe it thus: A set of three archival

The Drinker’s London & the Poems of Salena Godden


WORDS: Gareth E. Rees In 2001 I became a weekend DJ in Filthy McNasty’s, a pub in Islington, sadly no longer with us. I was paid in beer to put one song on after another, while the pub ebbed and

Requiem for a Village


(1975, dir. David Gladwell) LOCATION: Norfolk Words: Gareth E Rees This film from 1975 is as close to the spirit of my own book Marshland as I’ve come across in film or literature. It has the feel of a documentary,

On Walking… And Stalking Sebald

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A review of On Walking, by Phil Smith [Triarchy Press, 2014] Words: Gareth E. Rees Location: East Anglia Phil Smith (aka Crab Man, Mytho, Anton Vagus, Spacetart) fuses walking with performance art. He describes his practice as mythogeography – a