Widdershins: A banishing ritual in the Glasgow subway

by the Psychogeographical Commission

“This recording documents the inner circle of the Glasgow Subway system which travels in an anticlockwise direction (widdershins), a constant banishing ritual performed daily upon the whole of the west side of Glasgow.

The Subway first opened on 14 Dec 1896, but was soon closed after an ‘accident’ resulting in wheels painted in blood being traced around a circuit of the track (a blood sacrifice to energise the protection). The line didn’t reopen until well after the Winter Solstice (19th Jan 1897) allowing further rituals to take place.”

For more information, visit The Psychogeographical Commission’s website here

Widdershins (excerpt) from Psychogeographical Commission on Vimeo.


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  1. i don't know my real name, but the conspiracy does

    clockwork orange – timed & controlled towards a specific future. crowley / kubrick film, darkside of the moon, oz project stuff. ahrimanic, luciferic, ritualistic 4d emo drama. unfreedom. lots of convergences – the redhawk-montauk-koala info says in merlin times (liz 1st era) the time fracture began due to corruption. some say strathclyde is the true place of the merlin arthurian kingdom. then there’s the alleged crowley ritual that brought hess to scotland, during the staged theatre of ww2. time changes, nazi hidden truths in films like the-shining and the moon-faking allegations of 2001. and still all live governed by a totalitarian regime that knowingly ignores and hides the likes of the ley lines and those subtle frequencies, forcing a law and a science that pretends what is real doesn’t exist. permitting it to continue to mess up nature, mess up what’s left of the real world.

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