Edgeland Visions: Heraldic Relics from an Imaginary Time

In advance of his exhibition in Margate, Matt James Healy shares his abstract visions of a world on the edge

ARTWORK & PHOTOS: Matt James Healy

In 2020, we featured the first series of Edgeland Vision artworks by Matt James Healy, created by applying paint and wood stain to panels of wood, foraged from industrial edgelands (you can view them here.) In advance of an exhibition in Margate, Matt shares with us some new works in the series. As he explains….

“The ‘Unnamed Heraldry’ pieces still employ the universal symbolism of basic shapes of previous work while incorporating these into heraldic designs, These are relics of an imaginary time and space, hinting at the colours of canals and tow-paths, nettle bushes and concrete. Their designs are reminiscent of road signs and markings.

The new ‘Edgeland Visions’ use a much more nocturnal and apocalyptic palate than their predecessors. I wanted to convey that feeling of looking out of a train window as the sun lowers in an atomic-coloured sky and seeing a glowing, alien landscape of wires and pylons flashing by so quickly and repetitively, that question if you are moving at all.”

You can see Matt James Healy’s exhibition at The Lido Store 2 Ethelbert Terrace, Margate, from the 9th-18th September 2022.


Matt James Healy is a London born painter working in the Neo-Romantic tradition. He currently lives and works in Folkestone. Visit his website here: www.mattjameshealy.com

Or follow him on Instagram @mattjameshealy

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