An Exploration of St Peter’s, Cardross

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LOCATION: The Firth of Clyde, Scotland This is an extract from Angus Farquhar’s photo essay in the new book St Peter’s, Cardross  I set up NVA, an independent arts company (the letters stand for nacionale vita-activa, meaning ‘the right to

Witch vs. Scientist in the Battle for the Loch Ness Monster

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LOCATION: Loch Ness, Scotland WORDS: Gareth E. Rees Hastings resident, Kevin Carlyon, high priest of the British Coven of White Witches and former wrestler, was born under a full moon in an outside toilet. On his website he tell of how, as

The Lost Pool of Dunbar


    LOCATON: Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland WORDS: Gareth E Rees During a research trip to Scotland this Summer I stopped off at my friends’ house in Dunbar, a coastal town 25 miles east of Edinburgh. It’s famous as the

A View from An Abandoned Scottish Rollercoaster

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LOCATION: Ayrshire, Scotland WORDS: Alex Cochrane I am perched on top of a disused roller coaster ride, at the point where the coaster reaches the summit before it pauses, there’s a view of the Ayrshire countryside, adrenaline curses through the

Airport Hiking in Aberdeen

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LOCATION: Scotland WORDS: Aleks Scholz I’ve never been to Aberdeen’s airport before. I’ve seen all other public amenities of Aberdeen, harbour, train station, bus station, but not the airport. It is very exciting. The names of the airport hotels at