Election Night in Aberystwyth with Niall Griffiths

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LOCATION: West Wales WORDS: Gary Budden  ‘It’s hard to paraphrase; if I could paraphrase all this stuff then I wouldn’t have been arsed to write a whole book about it.’ It’s Election Day 2015, and I’m feeling oddly hopeful that something,

Memory, History and Time in 21st Century British Psychogeography

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LOCATION: Britain WORDS: Tina Richardson In September 2015 Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography will be released by Rowman and Littlefield International. Edited by myself, contributions are from academics and researchers, and those working in the area of urban walking.

The Tower

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LOCATION: Birmingham WORDS: Fife Psychogeography  Even though I was a complete stranger in this city, I knew where I was going. Or I could feel where I was being led. It’s only when it moves out of sync that you begin

Widdershins: A banishing ritual in the Glasgow subway

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by the Psychogeographical Commission “This recording documents the inner circle of the Glasgow Subway system which travels in an anticlockwise direction (widdershins), a constant banishing ritual performed daily upon the whole of the west side of Glasgow. The Subway first