A Murdered Cyclist on the Pevensey Levels

In this film, Gareth E. Rees revisits the site of the strange murder in his new book, Terminal Zones

FILM & MUSIC: Martin Fuller

WORDS: Gareth E Rees

Terminal Zones‘ is my book of weird tales about climate change and social disintegration at the edges of town and country, published by Influx Press. in October 2022.

‘Fresh and disturbing stories mapping out the pressure points in the psychedelic everyday – Rees consistently reaches the places others do not.’
– Will Wiles, author of Plume

In this film by Martin Fuller, I investigate the location of the mysterious murder described in one of its stories.

“The girl from the farm found the dead cyclist on a single lane road to Rickney on the Pevensey Levels. He lay awkwardly, arms buckled beneath his torso, head twisted, eyes in a frozen stare across the tarmac. The girl was certain that he was a cyclist because he wore a luminescent yellow vest and Lycra shorts, but she could see no bike.”

The Levels.mp4 from Dinlochav on Vimeo

Terminal Zones is out in October – you can order it here.

‘Gareth E Rees propels us into a vast and uncanny future; showing us brief snatches of a world to come. A poignant message delivered with guile, wit and beauty.’
– Matt Wesolowski, author of Demon


Gareth E. Rees is author of Unofficial Britain (Elliott & Thompson, 2020) Car Park Life (Influx Press 2019), The Stone Tide (Influx Press, 2018) and Marshland (Influx Press, 2013).

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