The Gallows Pole: Myth & The Taxonomy of Terrain in Yorkshire’s Rebel Landscape

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WORDS: Gareth E. Rees LOCATION: Yorkshire Benjamin Myers’ The Gallows Pole [Bluemoose Books] is a novel about the Cragg Vale Coiners, a band of forgers led by David Hartley in the 18th Century. The Gallows Pole opens with a taxonomy

The Digger’s Tale


LOCATION: Hertfordshire  WORDS: George Sandison Arthur saw it first, or what was left of it after the digger had sheared through the legs. It sounded like squealing hydraulics, the visceral potential of the moment drowned out by machinery, and left

The Ape Dreams of Charles Dawson & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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LOCATION: East Sussex WORDS: Gareth E Rees Charles Dawson was the Uckfield solicitor who discovered Piltdown Man in East Sussex in 1912 – a broken skull buried in million-year-old gravel deposits alongside a carved elephant femur and other fragments.  Proclaimed


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Unofficial Britain is pleased to host new fiction, for those with time to spare for a longer read. Today, a short story by regular contributor Gary Budden… LOCATION: Blean Woods, Kent   Dieback Off the path, the forest sways and

Between Floors

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WORDS & PICTURES: Gareth E. Rees A short story, originally published in Wyrd Daze (more information here). There was a rat beneath the floorboards, I could tell by the gnawing. Gnrrrk. Krrrrrrrrk. Gnnnrk. Krrrrk. I don’t know what it was

Tales from the Black Meadow

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By Chris Lambert “This is a beautiful, compelling book of folklore. What’s most haunting about this book is that the stories feel like they’ve been lingering at the back of your mind all your life. The sparse, propulsive prose gives

Connecting Nothing with Something

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  Influx Press   Connecting Nothing with Something explores the conflicted and shifting landscape of the south east English coast. This anthology looks at art led regeneration, hidden history, the ghosts of youth culture, white cliffs, empty holidays and kisses under