Welcome to the Molly House

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WORDS: Alex Cochrane In the 18th century the secret world of the molly house was a place for gay men to socialise, cross-dress and role-play. But it was also a place of danger and treachery. It must have taken some

Enon Chapel: death, horror and dancing in Victorian London


LOCATION: London WORDS: Alex Cochrane Victorian London was a charnel house of the dead; a city oozing horror and nowhere more so than a small chapel where they danced on the dead. By 1842 London was the modern mega city

Lost London: a Victorian Street for Friggers and Radicals


LOCATION: London WORDS: Alex Cochrane Now a street in London’s lost history, Holywell Street was a narrow alleyway once notorious for radical politics and erotica… Holywell Street was set amongst the kind of narrow, twisting streets and dingy courts that

A View from An Abandoned Scottish Rollercoaster

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LOCATION: Ayrshire, Scotland WORDS: Alex Cochrane I am perched on top of a disused roller coaster ride, at the point where the coaster reaches the summit before it pauses, there’s a view of the Ayrshire countryside, adrenaline curses through the