Staples Corner, and How We Can Know It


LOCATION: London WORDS: Gary Budden ONE – On why you are at Staples Corner In the weak and watery November light of a Monday afternoon, you sit with your nose pressed against the cold glass of the 266 bus. You

A Weird Trip to Rye Harbour

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WORDS: Gareth E. Rees & Gary Budden FILM: S J Fowler, recorded at #Camaradfest October 25th 2014, Rich Mix arts centre, Shoreditch A live performance of Rye’s Valhalla, in which Rees and Budden become disorientated on the Sussex coast. &nbsp

Same Result Every Year: A Day Out in 1066 Country

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LOCATION: Battle, East Sussex WORDS: Gary Budden recounts his merry day out at a Battle of Hastings reenactment It’s hard to ignore the fascination with death and bloody murder, the schoolkids and grown men alike fondling replica blades with a fetishist’s glee. For

The Shell Grotto

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LOCATION: Margate WORDS: Gary Budden ‘4.6 million shells, 2000 square feet of mosaic and one big mystery.’ The Shell Grotto (or Shell Temple as its sometimes known) is a subterranean passageway in Margate, Kent, discovered in 1835 and opened to


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Unofficial Britain is pleased to host new fiction, for those with time to spare for a longer read. Today, a short story by regular contributor Gary Budden… LOCATION: Blean Woods, Kent   Dieback Off the path, the forest sways and

The Medway Megaliths & the Phantoms of Blue Bell Hill


LOCATION: Kent WORDS: Gary Budden Mention the words megalith and Neolithic to many people and they will instantly think (unless their eyes, understandably, glaze over) Stonehenge. Maybe Avebury, Silbury Hill or the standing stones at Callanish. Postcard-ready sites away from