High Rise: a Homage to North East England Brutalism

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LOCATION: Gateshead, Tyne & Wear MUSIC: High Rise by Caisson – recorded on location at the site of the former Dunston Rocket, Gateshead, 2012 WORDS: Craig Johnson Derwent Tower (also known as The Dunston Rocket) will be remembered as both

Hand of Stabs: Asemic Approach

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LOCATION: On a road between town and country, wakefulness and dreaming MUSIC: Hand of Stabs FILM: Giles Whitehead WORDS: Gareth E. Rees This is the new work by Hand of Stabs, a progressive bone-age pagan skiffle band previously featured on Unofficial

The Hell Fire Caves

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LOCATION: West Wycombe Melmoth the Wanderer makes queasy, occult music mixes that explore uncanny British geographies. Snippets of dialogue ooze through ambient drones and electronic beats. In The Hell Fire Caves, he explores the subterranean terrors that lurk in the diabolic warrens

The Spiritual Hymn of A Broken Pipe in Devon

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Duality Field #1 by Laica LOCATION: DEVON Electronic artist Laica specialises in dark, broken techno and brooding industrial atmospheres. A recent piece, Environs, pushed the field recordings to the fore and eroded the beats and pulses, until the whole piece evoked the sort of fevered

An Abandoned Monument to Arrogance

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LOCATION: KENT Neolithic soul drone collective Hand of Stabs perform ‘Hallux Working’ by a derelict monument to a man who chopped his toe off in 1835… “In February 1835, the 5th Earl of Darnley was walking in the grounds of

The Lowland Hundred

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By The Lowland Hundred [Exotic Pylon, 2014] LOCATION: West Wales A howl of wind and drone. Thunder rumbles. Birdsong mangled in a slew of dragged chains and steel jaws. Suddenly, piano. A tremelo voice singing: “On a south facing slope, hill

Marshland: The Mix

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In my book Marshland I write about my hallucinatory experiences while listening to music and walking. At certain moments, the music blends with the sound of wind, hooting horns, dog barks and human voices, creating a unique audio mix. At times

A Dream Life of Hackney Marshes

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Jetsam and Gareth E. Rees [Clay Pipe Music, 2013] A dark sonic journey through the edgelands of London, mixing spoken word, acoustic and electronic sound… ‘Unique & unexpectedly beautiful. Expand Collapse’ – Seance Radio ‘The ensemble works around the words

Widdershins: A banishing ritual in the Glasgow subway

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by the Psychogeographical Commission “This recording documents the inner circle of the Glasgow Subway system which travels in an anticlockwise direction (widdershins), a constant banishing ritual performed daily upon the whole of the west side of Glasgow. The Subway first