A Palaeolithic Invocation at Barnfield Pit, Kent


LOCATION: Swanscombe, north-west Kent MUSIC: Hand of Stabs  Unofficial Britain is delighted to share another site-specific performance by the experimental sound collective Hand of Stabs. In Barnfield Pit, the bones of our ancestors groan and shift uneasily in the shadow of Bluewater shopping centre.

A Most Peculiar Tour

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MIX: Gareth E. Rees Extinct butterflies, spilled whisky, fickle seas, peregrines, weird villages and haunted magpies… From the Scottish Coast to the Sussex seaside, the latest Unofficial Britain musical tour criss-crosses a most peculiar country. [You can find out more

Hand of Stabs: Asemic Approach

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LOCATION: On a road between town and country, wakefulness and dreaming MUSIC: Hand of Stabs FILM: Giles Whitehead WORDS: Gareth E. Rees This is the new work by Hand of Stabs, a progressive bone-age pagan skiffle band previously featured on Unofficial

An Abandoned Monument to Arrogance

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LOCATION: KENT Neolithic soul drone collective Hand of Stabs perform ‘Hallux Working’ by a derelict monument to a man who chopped his toe off in 1835… “In February 1835, the 5th Earl of Darnley was walking in the grounds of