The Eel with a Head the Size of an Armchair


LOCATION: Dover WORDS: Gareth E. Rees In the waters of Dover harbour, there was an eel with a head the size of an armchair. That was the rumour I heard anyway, aged 15 or thereabouts.  Back in the late ’80s.

The Citadel: A Visit to the Detention Centre on Dover’s Western Heights


LOCATION: Dover WORDS: Kit Caless This week I visited my mum in the idyllic village of Barham, Kent, home to celebrated racist David Starkey. She was there long before the historian though, and is a popular, active member of the

Connecting Nothing with Something

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  Influx Press   Connecting Nothing with Something explores the conflicted and shifting landscape of the south east English coast. This anthology looks at art led regeneration, hidden history, the ghosts of youth culture, white cliffs, empty holidays and kisses under