Staples Corner, and How We Can Know It


LOCATION: London WORDS: Gary Budden ONE – On why you are at Staples Corner In the weak and watery November light of a Monday afternoon, you sit with your nose pressed against the cold glass of the 266 bus. You

The Ancestral Giant of the A303

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LOCATION: Wiltshire WORDS: Gareth E. Rees The town of Amesbury, nestled in the heart of Salisbury plain by a loop in the River Avon, is the final stop on the A303 before Stonehenge. It’s one of the oldest consecutively inhabited areas in

Lair of the Saurian: An exploration of Asda’s Jurassic Car Park


Location: ASDA, Silverhill, Hastings Words: Gareth E. Rees Superstores and their car parks are generally considered non-places, like budget hotel chains, storage facilities and motorway service stations. It doesn’t matter where in Britain you are, the Premier Inn, IKEA, Tesco,